psychodynamic perspective also taught me about


H. L. "Lou" Himes, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Gender Specialist

the powerful nature of attachment--the relationship we form with our early caregivers and how this translates into our adult partnerships. In my own experiences as a client, I have learned a deeply relational approach--one that acknowledges the impact of the bond between client and therapist.  During my final year of formal training, I was also presented with the opportunity to engage in meaningful, challenging dialog regarding issues of social justice. This is where I learned to accept my many layers of privilege and began to incorporate my understanding of social inequality into my work as a therapist and educator.  For the last seven years, I have been a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and I have worked to support trans* and gender diverse folx through their personal journeys with gender identification and, for some, transition.  Currently, my focus of learning is on complex trauma and how to be a healing presence for folks who have been deeply harmed in the context of, what should have been, the most safe and meaningful relationships.  All together, these different facets of my training and experience have shaped me into a depth-oriented, relational therapist, focused on the impacts of relationships and the ways we have learned to relate to others. I work together with my clients to accept the losses of their past trauma(s) and work toward meaningful and healthy relationships in the present. And, we will do all of this work within a context of understanding the social position (i.e., race, class, etc.) and intersecting identities that are unique to each client.
The process of healing and learning is incredibly challenging. Whether you are looking for a therapist, a supervisor, or a consultant, I will work along side you to attain your goals. And I will always affirm that the expert in the room is you. Listening to your voice is the goal of the work and I look forward to walking with you wherever your path may take us.       

"Licensed clinical psychologist" is a formal title.  It is a title I have worked hard to attain and nearly as hard to overcome. In my more than ten years at work in this profession, I have learned to value my own vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity as a therapist, supervisor, and consultant. These are not exactly the characteristics that may come to mind for many seeking the services of a psychologist. Unfortunately, the media (and far too many personal experiences) have painted psychologists as either cold, aloof, and pedantic or overly optimistic and saccharine. I have come to understand that what is most helpful in a therapeutic space is having a strong, gentle, reliable witness who doesn't shy away from the truth, and who is a kind, skilled, and compassionate travel companion.

My training as a therapist was rooted in psychodynamic psychology.  This foundation taught me to think deeply about the impact of developing in the context of, often broken, relationships (it wasn't until later that I learned that race, class, and other social markers are also part of this "context"). The