H. L. Himes, PsyD

Though some TGNC individuals do not experience dysphoria related to their feelings of gender variance, others struggle with depression and anxiety for years because the world cannot or will not see them for who they are.  Regardless of where you are on your personal path, it is important to have a non-judgmental, supportive guide to walk with you on this journey. As a queer/GNC-identified therapist, I seek to offer support to those who seek gender-affirmative hormone therapy and surgical procedures as well as TGNC persons who do not seek transition, but simply walk in the gray between the binary.

For those individuals seeking physical and social transition, the process can be extremely challenging and rewarding.  I work with my patients through each step of their journey with compassion and open-mindedness.  As a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), I follow the standards for transgender health set forth by mental health and medical professionals from across the globe who have worked alongside TGNC persons for the last 60 years.  Whether you are seeking therapy to better understand gender identity and gender expression or to move forward in the transition process, I will provide guidance and support at each phase of the journey toward greater intra-personal awareness and truer physical  self-representation. 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Gender Specialist